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Dental Implants

The loss of teeth is a very frequent and serious problem occurring as a result of not only lack of hygiene but also as a result of accidents, weakening diseases, vitamins deficiency or genetic disorders.

Everyone who lost his teeth or even 1 tooth knows how this situation is frustrating, difficult and uncomfortable in normal functioning in our adult life.

We understand our patients very well and we are doing our best in order to help them using the common sense in the scope of the costs of tooth losses treatment.

What exactly is a dental imlant?

An implant is a type of screw made of titanium and placed in the patient’s jaw bone, replacing their own tooth root. Titanium is an extremely hard material perfectly tolerated by the organism which does not treat titanium elements as “foreign bodies".

Dental implants are artificial abutments used to fix crowns and bridges without the need to grind abutting teeth or to ensure better retention of partial and complete dental prostheses.

Implantation procedure is carried out in local anaesthesia and involves its insertion into exposed bone following its threading with special calibrated drills. Following the implant healing and rooting in osseous tissue (this usually lasts 3-6 months), final prosthesis can be fixed onto it.

In summary, implants are a permanent and extremely functional solution, do not differ from natural teeth and so significantly improve the quality of life.

We recommend and use only BIOMET 3i Implants

This is really safe and is getting more and more popular as a result of lower costs of this procedure and lower costs of materials.


If you have any questions regarding placement of dental implants, please contact us. We will try to answer all questions and evaluate if the procedure is possible in your case.


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Did you know?
  • Polish dentist are the most seeked in the World
  • In Poland work about 100.000 dentists
  • Wroclaw is the most magnificent place in Poland

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