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PolishSmile.com refers to GEODENT Dental Centre - a health care services company based and found in Wroclaw, Poland in December 2001. Our Staff is represented by experts in dentistry industry being both holders of academic degrees as well as 1st and 2nd level experts in their specialty.
Our company is well-known for providing high quality services with individual approach depending on the needs of the clients. Among the clients, to whom we provided treatment of best quality, there are patients from the USA as well as from United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, France and other European countries.
The professionalism of medical experts at PolishSmile is the most important factor of our company.
We do our best in order to provide our clients with high quality service.
Best medical experts in the industry, who have built successful career working at PolishSmile, do their best in order to make the treatment of our clients a mere and painless procedure.
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Airport Wroclaw: www.airport.wroclaw.pl
The city of Wroclaw: www.wroclaw.pl
Cultrural events: www.wroclawweekly.pl
Hotel System: www.wroclaw.hotelsystem.pl
Actual RyanAir flights: www.RyanAir.com
Car rental in Airport: www.feldman-car.pl
Apartments in Wroclaw: www.apartments.ea.wroclaw.pl


Did you know?
  • Polish dentist are the most seeked in the World
  • In Poland work about 100.000 dentists
  • Wroclaw is the most magnificent place in Poland

Frank 29, London
I found Polishsmile accidentlu as during a bachelor's party I met one of Dutchmen who came here specially to have his teeth treated...
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Sharon, Briminham
A few months ago my Polish colleagues, who live in my mother town – Birmingham, recommended the PolishSmile centre to me.
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Victoria 43 & Family, Colchester 
My husband has been working under contract in Wroclaw for Cadbury since 2008. He asked me to take our boys to PolishSmile clinic for teeth examination. My kids - Philip (13) and Steven (11)...
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Anna and Tom
Since we retired with my husband we cannot afford such costs. On the other hand we wanted to have out teeth treated finally. My husband already suffers from gums and lost a few teeth, my teeth were seriously damaged...
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For ages I've been planning complex teeth treatment. I found the PolishSmile in the Internet...
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ul. Galla Anonima 2
51-168 Wroclaw, Poland
tel. + 48 71 372 70 03
we speak english ;)
Opening hours
Mon. - Friday 9.00 - 21.00
Saturday 9.00 - 15.00 and later if necessary
Sunday if necessary
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