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Advantages of dental treatment in PolishSmile, Wroclaw, Poland

Prosthetic and surgical consultations

24.15 € 17.48 £ 26.67$ 100 PLN

Composite filling

48.29 € 34.97 £ 53.33$ 200 PLN

General cleaning

60.36 € 43.71 £ 66.67$ 250 PLN
Frank 29, London
I found Polishsmile accidently as during a bachelor’s party I met one of Dutchmen who came here specially to have his teeth treated...
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Sharon, Briminham
A few months ago my Polish colleagues, who live in my mother town – Birmingham, recommended the PolishSmile centre to me.
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Victoria 43 & Family, Colchester
My husband has been working under contract in Wroclaw for Cadbury since 2008. He asked me to take our boys to PolishSmile clinic for teeth examination. My kids - Philip (13) and Steven (11)...
Victoria 43 & Family, Colchester Read more

Anna and Tom
Since we retired with my husband we cannot afford such costs. On the other hand we wanted to have out teeth treated finally. My husband already suffers from gums and lost a few teeth, my teeth were seriously damaged...
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For ages I've been planning complex teeth treatment. I found the PolishSmile in the Internet...
Alice Read more

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